Double Life: A Love Story from Broadway to Hollywood

Double Life: A Love Story from Broadway to Hollywood

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Gay marriage is at the forefront of America's political battles. The human story at the center of this debate is told in Double Life: A Love Story, a dual memoir by a gay male couple in a 50-plus-year relationship. With high profiles in the entertainment, advertising and art communities, the authors offer a virtual timeline of how gay relationships have gained acceptance in the last half-century. At the same time, they share inside stories from film, television and media featuring the likes of Marlon Brando, Katharine Hepburn, Rock Hudson, Barbra Streisand, Laurence Olivier, Truman Capote, Bette Davis, Robert Redford, Lee Radziwill, and Frances Lear.

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Frances was totally supportive of everything I did, but the editorial staff continued to whisper into her ear. Still, she let me have my way. I was bringing glamour, celebrity, wit, and a bit of the unexpected to the magazine—and people noticed. The advertising pages were increasing and circulation numbers were climbing. Frances was pressing me to agree to a contract, but I had been so busy I just couldn’t get around to finding a lawyer. I had been having dinner often with Ted Ashley, who now

“goodbye,” but she stopped us. “No, no, wait,” she said touching my arm. “I’m very intuitive, and you were brought here for a reason.” A chill went up my spine. “I know you’re a painter, and I’d like to see your work.” Flattered and spooked at the same time, I said, “I’d like you to very much, but I’m working on a new body of work, and I’m not prepared to show it yet.” She smiled and said, “When you’re ready, I would like very much to see it.” The meeting with Heidi energized me even further,

all majoring in business or marketing, playing a great deal of bridge and going to parties at sorority houses. I wanted something different from life. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but knew it wasn’t the inevitable, middle-class, businessman story. I felt a restless kind of narcissism that made me want to be apart from the others. I cut my hair very short like Roskolnikov in Crime and Punishment. I thought that perhaps I was a nihilist. For sure an atheist. I had entered into two classes

whole school, friends, and agents, and in the evening, the official opening. I had just finished combing my hair when the director walked into the communal dressing room. “Good afternoon, Mr. Piscator,” everyone said heartily. “Good afternoon,” he said, “I just came to zay merde.” We all murmured appreciatively. We knew the French word for “shit” was traditional in the theatre for wishing someone luck, and it made us feel very professional. The director walked over and stood beside my chair.

you should have a career right here in the store.” I had lunch several times with Leslie, as he insisted I call him, in the following weeks. We ate away from the store as he made a point of saying that we mustn’t be seen too much together or people will talk. I felt I was being forced into an intimacy I didn’t want, but I was afraid to say anything since he was a department head. He began asking me out in the evening, but I had the excuse of rehearsing for a little theatre production of Much Ado

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