House Music: The Oona King Diaries

House Music: The Oona King Diaries

Oona King

Language: English

Pages: 385


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How does it feel to lose your job in front of ten million people? To ask a Government Whip for time to see your husband? To represent the Secretary of State for Health at a family planning clinic on the day you fail your fifth IVF cycle? To be loved and hated by people who don't even know you? To be the second black woman elected to Parliament? To be a Jewish woman representing a largely Muslim constituency? To be the only MP who likes house music?

A decade is a long time in politics, and in these candid diaries Oona King shows how she has changed since becoming an MP in 1997. From the intense strain on her marriage, to her desperate struggle to have a baby, Oona reveals how she chose to abandon her political ambition in favour of another: to have a life.

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meet Saddam Hussein than I would to meet someone who conjured up a sperm sample in here. Fifteen minutes gone. A phone rings. Twenty minutes gone. Let’s get outta here. Twenty-five minutes gone. This is hell. Thirty minutes gone. �3,500 gone. We PAID for this misery. Unbelievable. And then a David Beck-ham moment. Only ten seconds of extra time remaining, the final free kick, all hope is lost, but he’s pulled it out the bag, it’s in the back of the net, GOOOOAALLLL! I start to cry with

Clennon Washington King, was born in 1893 in Florida. Like most free blacks of that time, Clennon’s life was on the farm, where he worked for his father. His father would not, or could not, help him get an education, so Clennon set out on foot aged fourteen and made his way to a college that taught former slaves. This was the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, run by Booker T. Washington. At college my grandfather taught himself to read and write, and met my grandmother, Margaret Slater. Clennon

sensation, like I’m watching an ice skater in the finals of an important championship. I could go down at any minute. To win, I must score maximum marks for content, presentation, style and technical ability, and the others must score low. Despite a lack of preparation I have to go for the high risk triple sulco effect without landing on my face. I realise at one point that I’m literally holding my breath. I mention the word ‘socialism’ and I get a round of applause. I don’t do it for effect, I

and seven voted against. Who were the seven villains? The usual suspects: Iraq, the USA, Libya, China, Israel, Yemen, and Qatar. The next step is ratification – the ICC will come into being when sixty states have ratified the Rome Statute. One of the problems is that we say ‘crimes against humanity’ without properly digesting what those three words mean. I gave an example of one of the crimes used by the junta in El Salvador. A rat was placed on a pregnant woman’s stomach, and surrounded by a

louder. Yesterday the UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1441 giving Saddam one last chance. If he actually complies, which he won’t, the Resolution also holds out the prospect of lifting sanctions. On Thursday I said in Parliament that Saddam Hussein was rightly being given one last chance to disarm. But I wanted to know under what circumstances sanctions might be lifted? Jack (Straw) gave me the only answer he could – they will be lifted whenever Saddam Hussein chooses to comply

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