My Life in and out of the Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me

My Life in and out of the Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me

John Daly

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0061120642

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ever since his astonishing victory in the 1991 PGA Championship, John Daly has enthralled fans with his big drives, bigger personality, and his "grip it and rip it" approach to golf . . . and to life. Usually seen with a cigarette dangling from his lip, Long John is the unchained, unpredictable, unapologetic bad boy of professional golf.

My Life In and Out of the Rough is the thrillingly—and sometimes shockingly—candid memoir of a larger-than-life athlete battling assorted addictions (alcohol, gambling, chocolate, sex), his weight, and divorce lawyers (having been married four times). Carrying readers off the fairway and into his $1.5-million motor home, Daly takes us on a rollicking ride through his ever-churning world of burgers, booze, casinos, country music, and breathtaking moon shots—and reveals how a down-home Arkansas Everyman rose to the pinnacle of the golf world, escaped from the depths of abject depression, and, ultimately, took control of his life.

Well, sort of . . .


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inside, hurting because my marriage had gone belly-up. So I went back up to my hotel room and beat the shit out of it. Trashed it pretty good, the kind of thing I’ve done too many times in my life when I’ve lost control. This time, though, I put my fist through a TV set and damned near ended my career before it got started. They took me to the hospital, where a doctor patched me up. I’d cracked a bone or two, and cut myself up pretty bad. The doctor who worked on me said that with a thing like

1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995 weren’t bad years in terms of golf. I won four tournaments, two of them majors. I had a chance to win a few others. I made a lot of money. And I drank when I wanted to, and I gambled when I wanted to. Yeah, I owed a lot of money to casinos, but I was making a lot of money, and not once during those years (or later) did I ever fail to pay my gambling debts. That’s just the way I am. That’s the way I live. That’s the way I was going to be from now on. I had stopped

there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. But something tells me much of the money benefits Bettye. Fact is, I had so much money that I didn’t care. I wanted to get it over with, and she was smart. Bettye knew how impatient I can be, and she knew how deeply I cared about our daughter. She had me by the balls, and she knew it. Boy, did she squeeze. And yes, she left with a Rolex. Paulette I met Paulette at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in Palm Springs in January 1992. I was in a foursome

bus from time to time, the way he’s done over the past five years with his mom, is a real body blow. Based on my own feelings about being a dad, I can understand how a biological father might make a move like this. I just hope and pray that me and Sherrie will be able to do something about this situation. All I want is what’s best for Austin. What I know for sure is I can’t let anger get control of me. I just have to accept this as something I have to deal with. I can’t pretend I’m not deeply

since the British Open in 1995, and then followed up in 2002 with a win at a tournament that Callaway puts on in Pebble Beach every year, and then a win in Korea in 2003. None of those three counted on the official PGA Tour money list, but the checks cleared, and when you’ve been through as long a dry spell as I had, it’s nice to discover that you still know how to do it. The most important win in my career, though, came at the Buick Invitational in 2004, when I knocked a long, tricky bunker

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